Endless shore of Baker Beach, San Francisco

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Baker beach is a public beach of San Francisco and it lies on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Baker covers an area of around 800 m and it begins its run from the beauty of Golden gate point and connects the southern bridge of Golden Gate.

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The rugged cliffs around is an evidence of perfect location where silence prevails to allow people to perform an act of nudity to enjoy the fierce current of waves.

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The beach and its surrounding Presidio are subject to fortification and there operates military base to protect the territorial land.

The most exceptional advent of enjoyment is nude bathing which can be performed within a line of beach and just make sure not to cross the boundary of beach because after its final point nudity is forbidden. Travelers should understand that it is not mandate of a beach but the culture demands so trying a cult of it may not disappoint your thought.

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The Baker beach is lush with many private properties where natives run a business of hospitality service and those exceptional services to make your advent memorable. Beside that lines of apartments may solve the quest of your overnight stand.

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Apart from enjoying the common core of beach forte, we would suggest traveler to enjoy the long strip of sand dunes where you can go for nature walk with your loved ones or can enjoy the bask of sun. Beside that beach activity around would promise to make your advent ever enchanting and ever astounding.

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Location: San Francisco
Address: Gibson Rd.
Website: parksconservancy dor org
Fully Nude!!!

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