Eight Essential Tools for Travel Agents

Travelling could be fun, but it is accompanied by a number of issues. From travel insurance to luggage insurance, it becomes a big responsibility to plan a travel and execute it. These days, owing to the time constraint, people opt for hiring travel agents to plan their trips across the world. However, their efficiency also depends on the way they conduct a tour. From food and lodging to travel and communication, everything needs to be planned as per the demands of the travelers and their age and gender specifications.shuterstock.travel1

Be it corporate travelers or personal travelers, the demand for comfort and a hassle-free tour is always in demand. Everything has to have the perfect timing. While these were managed manually earlier, there are a number of tools these days to help travel agents plan. Some such tools include expense management, travel insurance, booking tools, risk assessment, communications, and analytics. However, downloading all of them could be a tedious job, so a travel management platform that consolidates all the vital elements could save a lot of time.

A booking tool is a flight booking software that helps in locating a suitable flight for a client. This can also help in finding the cheapest flight that can streamline last-minute travel plans.

Risk management tools are a part of the tour management software that takes charge of the safety of your clients. This software is generally used to track clients for their whereabouts. The risk management tool also alerts the clients about the expiration dates of the passport and the visa requirements.

Communication tools help alert of any itinerary changes or safety guides. This helps employers to connect with their employees easily when they are on an official trip. Analytical tools are travel agency software that helps in checking the expenses and monitoring the savings after an official or a personal trip. This also helps agents in supervising the areas of improvement.

On an overall, a flexible management program helps clients to lead a stress-free corporate-level itinerary. Offering them a tour reservation system would mean more space for last-minute travel plans.

Apart from this, tour operators and guides should use the following handy tools for a hassle-free business:

Google docs: Go paperless by saving all that you need to save for an itinerary here. You can save your itinerary plans, marketing notes, business plans, and other documents without using a software program. All you have to do is create and edit basic text documents and share these documents with team members with just a few clicks. For tour operators, it is specifically useful for putting together training manual for tour guides or activity leaders. Jotting down itinerary and saving them for further discussion and collaboration could be easily done here.

Zoho: It is a software for travel agents, which comprises everything from customer relationship management to word processing. Zoho plays a key role in employee training management by storing company presentations and internal training documents in one place. Manuals and other operational documents can also be saved for future discussions.

Rezopia: It is an end-to-end travel software. It is available on a cloud-based pay-as-you-go model, and takes care of reservations, contracts, operations and distribution management system for travel providers. The software has effective modules for tour operators, receptive tour operators, destination specialists, online travel agencies. Travel suppliers such as rail, airlines and hotels also are served well through specialized modules.rezopia

Evernote: It is an innovative tour operator software that helps in organizing notes and capturing everything you find on the internet in just a few clicks. Users can tag notes with diverse words and phrases to be recovered later with ease. The in-built chat feature can also help in sharing details through cloud. These specifically help tour operators in capturing snippets online to share with employees. Creating notes and notebooks for marketing ideas and capturing customer testimonials are some of the other uses of the software.evernot

Pixlr Editor: Specifically used by tour operators for editing professional photos of tour and activity experiences. Cropping and editing photos submitted by customers as testimonials are something that this tool helps in doing.Pixlr Editor

HootSuite: Promptness against a positive or negative feedback is something that is a basic requirement for a travel and tour operator. HootSuite helps in doing that. It also sets up alert on the mention of a particular company name. The tool also schedules a series of tweets and Facebook posts to ensure that you stay active on these social media sites and keep customers engaged.Hootsuite

Wave: This helps in creating invoices with a business logo and a color scheme. Wave can also be connected to bank accounts to keep track of cash flow. This can also help in generating financial reports and creating balance sheets and accounts payable documents in a few clicks.

NutShellMail: This helps in timely mention of the travel company in social media platforms. This also helps in easy tracking of reviews, check-ins, user-based review sites, and more.

So, create a platform with all the above-mentioned software programs that will help in building a travel platform that is unbeatable in quality deliverables and effective administration of client tours.


Written By: Ashly is a consultant from travel industry. She is an expert in Digital Transformation in Travel Industry ,airline packaging software and more. She helps people to understand better how to implement technologies like tour reservation system, travel agency software or Airlines Packaging Software in Travel industries.

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