Diani Beach Kenya – A Mesmerizing Tourist Destination

If you are looking for top tourist destinations to visit in Kenya, you should not forget visiting at Diani Beach Kenya. It is considered among the most visited tourist destinations in Kenya. If you want to spend time in the lap of nature, you are advised to visit at this mesmerizing tourist destination.Diani_Beach_Sunrise_Kenya

Diani Beach is a famous big beach resort situated on the famous Indian Ocean coast of country Kenya. This natural beach is situated only 30km far from the southern Mombasa area in the adjacent of Kwale County. It is only 10 km long, from the local Kongo River to the Northern Galu beach to ancient Baobab tree. It is close to famous Ukunda town that has a population of about 100,000. Tourists can also see a tiny airstrip between this beach and Mombasa-lunga area.DianiBeach

The water of the beach remains really shallow especially near to shore. So, if you want to visit at a new tourist destination with lots of natural wonders, you are suggested to visit at this fantastic beach in Kenya. Since Diani Beach Kenya is a natural beach, it offers amazing views. So, whether you want to capture beautiful images of sunset or marine life, you will always find it a great choice to consider.Diani-beachTrip

Things to Do and Tourist Places to See at Diani Beach Kenya

If you are assuming that visiting at Diani Beach only means to see natural beauty and marine life, you need to change your perception. There are various other tourist destinations situated in and around this beach that can also be visited. So, if you want to see various tourist places or to do interesting things while visiting at this amazing natural beach, you need to look at a few top tourist attractions situated in and around Diani Beach Kenya.

Enjoy Pilli Pipa Dhow Incredible Safari

It is a famous accredited PADI long drive resort that offer exclusive diving equipments. If you have keen interest in diving, you are advised to not forget visiting here. This is the best place to go with when it comes to unveiling a new diving experience. Moreover, it is also a great option for tourists who are looking for an amazing snorkeling experience while visiting at Diani Beach in Kenya.

Visit at Colobus Conservation

It is another striking tourist attraction situated adjacent to Diani Beach. This conservation was founded in 1997. The main motto behind establishing Colobus conservation is to promote and highlight the importance of famous colobus monkeys. Visiting at this amazing destination can help you unveiling various truths about the same. So, while visiting at Diani Beach, you should not forget visiting at colobus conservation.

Visit Incredible Kaya Kinondo Holy Forest

If you want to get rid of mental stress or psychological trap, you are advised to spend a few hours in the surroundings of beautiful natural trees. Kaya Kinondo sacred forest is the best choice for tourists who want to enter into a world of peace and serenity. If you are looking for peace of mind, you are highly advised to visit at this amazing forest situated adjacent to popular beach in Kenya. Here, one point should be noted that trees found here are usually used for medicine purposes. So, visiting at this sacred forest can help you grabbing real satisfaction of mind.

Enjoy Ekea Safaris While Visiting at Diani Beach Kenya

Do you want to enjoy incredible safari? Do you want to make your tour more memorable than ever before? If yes, then visiting at Ekea Safaris can be a right choice to go with. The best part of choosing this option is that you can enjoy incredible safari experience along with incredible sightseeing. Tourists can easily find out desired accommodation along with fantastic safari trip. So, you should not forget entering into the world of safari.

Incredible Skydive at Diani Beach

When it comes to things to do at Diani Beach Kenya, importance of incredible skydive can’t be ignored. Skydive at famous Diani beach provides tandem jumps at only $360. If you want to enjoy a bird-eye view of the tourist destination, it could be a great choice to determine. Tourists can also unveil the benefits of free fall as well as canopy flight over the famous coastline. So, if you are ready to make your journey to Diani Beach more memorable than ever before, you should not forget trying skydiving.Dianibeach-SABRINA'S

Do You Love Water Sports?

If your answer is yes, then you should not forget visiting at H20. It is certainly the best destination for tourists who want to enjoy water sports of their choice. This establishment offers SUPing, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, body boarding, Kim boarding, and kayaking. Moreover, tourists can also enjoy storage and lessons facilities here.

How to Reach at Diani Beach Kenya

There are various transportation facilities available to reach at Diani Beach Kenya. Let’s check out given below transportation options to reach at this famous beach in Kenya.

By Air

Tourists can easily find out two airports adjacent to famous Diani Beach in Kenya. Ukunda airport is the nearest airport. Tourists can easily find out direct flights to this airport from all major airports in the country as well as abroad. Another nearest airport Moi international can also be used to reach at this tourist destination.

By Road

From the airport, tourist can easily find out taxis, cars and buses to reach at Diani Beach in Kenya. Since this tourist area is well connected with rest of country, visitors can easily find out different types of road transportation to reach there.

Best Time to Visit at Diani Beach Kenya

When you decide to visit at a tourist destination, you first want to know the right time to visit there. The same rule can also be applied when it comes to visiting at Diani Beach Kenya. The best time to visit at this natural beach from the month of October to February. However, if you want to spend summer vacation at natural surroundings, it can be a right option to go with. Diani Beach Kenya is certainly the best summer holiday spot for tourists.


Having gone through aforementioned details, it can be concluded that Diani Beach is the best tourist destination in Kenya.

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