Crystalline Coast of Swanbourne Beach, Australia

Swanbourne Beach is a western coastal commune of Perth, Western Australia. It is one of the most beautiful beaches where nudity is practiced openly without any hint of hesitation. It is a place where you can take unsolicited photographs, have private moment and can enjoy a tranquil environment of the surrounding.

Traveler before taking off their clothes must understand that nudity is practiced in northern parts of the beach and be aware of going too far because there is gun range within its periphery so you should know your boundary.

The beach was established in 19th century and the trend of nudism started during the same phase. For them nudism is naturist and you can stop natural advent, so with this principle they seem to take the course without a drape of clothes and seems to enjoy lot with a sense of respect.

Traveler would find nature lover too who does not seem to follow the trend and if you are amongst those than yes you can just stroll around get busy with your thing and can go for long walk by making your distance through warm dunes of sand.

Socialize with people and get into action because alone you may never built a courage to expose yourself so get little drunk and take the course of naturism which is not an offence but not that cheap either.

We would humbly request traveler to post their reviews regarding this beach if they have been here.

Location: Swanbourne, Australia
Address: 282 Marine Parade
Fully Nude? Yes

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