Capo Sant Andrea Elba Italy

Called as the beautiful and one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, the Golden Beach of Capo Sant’Andrea at Elba Island in Italy, is located on the island of Elba in coastal Italy. It is a delight for leisure loving travelers who are planning a beautiful honeymoon tour, family tour or traveling as solo travelers to explore the real pride of Italy and its beautiful beaches. What attract tourist here is tranquility and clear water that so clear that the seabed is easily visible a long way off the coast. The beautiful beach is lined with chestnut trees right down to the shore.

Clear Water and Serenity – The Fusion Is to Keep You Enticed

Not to mention the crystal-clear water of the beautiful sea that entice diving enthusiasts from across the world and persuade them to plan for a wonderful holiday. It is the best place to explore the shallow seas, the submerged shoals, as well as the mountain faces that stand out straight from the sea. There is no denying the fact that this is the perfect beach to relax on the rich yellow sands and to go swimming in the cool waters.Sant ’Andrea Elba Italy

Located in the great headland of Elba – the Most Beautiful Beach Destination

Capo Sant’Andrea is located in the great western headland of Elba. Most of the mountains of this island are concentrated in this region. The mountains have ancient trails and mule tracks. The island authorities have preserved these paths and have put up signposts at regular intervals for your benefit. You can explore the beautiful hinterlands of the mountains and study the rich flora and fauna of the island, and capture the panoramic views. The excursions are organized on a daily basis. You can choose to go on foot, or hire a mountain bike, or satisfy your adventurous spirit by taking a kayak around the island.capo sant'andrea elba

Availability of Italian Cuisines – Don’t Miss to Enjoy Them

What makes this beautiful beach destination wonderful and amazing is the availability of amazing Italian Cuisines that need no identification or introduction. Fish and seafood dishes are the most popular here that are cooked in a local style and served in a number of ways. Not to mention the availability of SchiacciaBriaca cake that is an original sweet focaccia filled with pine-seeds and currants. It is flavored with Aleatico wine.

Local wine that include dry white, rose table and red wines are wonderful to make your holidays complete here at this beautiful island and beach paradise in Italy. In addition to this, its location between mountains and the sea makes it a unique tourist destination of the world.

Main Attractions to See at Capo Sant’ Andrea Beach

During your holiday, you will see a number of wonderful attractions that will keep you enticed and spell bound for the time to come. Some of the main attractions that you will see include Basilica Di Sant’AndreaDelleFratte, Uffizi Gallery, the Museum of the Etruscan Academy and the City of Cortona. Don’t forget to explore some of the famous attractions of Italy that include Leaning Tower of Pisa, Amalfi Coast, Venice, Colosseum, Rome, Portfino, Uffizi Gallery, Pompeii and a number of others.

Best Time to Visit Capo Sant’ Andrea Beach

During your holidays or before starting it in a memorable way, what is more important than anything else is to know about the best time to visit Capo Sant’Andrea Beach.

The beautiful beach and island paradise is ideal to experience a classic maritime climate with cool, sunny summers and mild winters. For the duration of summer, it receives the Sirocco Wind from the South-East. Not to mention humidity that is somewhat less as a north-western wind that makes its presence felt. In this way, it is not wrong to say that you can see the beautiful beach paradise anytime of the year.

Choose Attractive Packages for Memorable Holidays at Capo Sant’ Andrea Elba Italy

Choosing the right and attractive beach holiday packages to this wonderful paradise in Italy is an ideal way to explore this destination. In addition, you also need a complete guide. Tips4Holidays has been offering you precise information so that you can explore the wonderful place according to your choice.

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