Cape Maclear Malawi: Pour Your Heart out Here for Some Explicit Adventure Experience

If you are an adventure freak, Cape Maclear is the perfect stop for you to spend some blissful hours. Be it hiking, cruising, kayaking, or diving, the destination can accomplish you with all forms of thrilling adventure activities.

Moreover, the accommodation or tourist facilities at the destination have been offering the utmost contentment to the travelers. In short, if you are in a hunt of a dropout natural tourist destination with cool facilities and cherishing atmosphere, Cape Maclear can be the most gratifying option for you.
cape maclear Malawi africa

Cape Maclear on a Pinch:

Cape Maclear  can be the most refreshing destination for you this holiday season. The town located at the Nankumba Peninsula is one of the busiest tourist destinations in Malawi. Cape Maclear along its island, the surrounding lush have been acknowledged as a national park in the year 1980.

Through the process, Malawi National Park becomes the first national park ever. Cape Maclear has been one of the most heavenly destinations for various breeds of birds, starting from the Kingfishers to the kestrels. Cape Maclear is a UNESCO acknowledged wildlife preservation center.


As mentioned above, communication facility to Cape Maclear has been the up notch since day one. It’s simply about catching a public bus to Money Bay at a very negligible fair. You can have the option to book your travel as well. Most of the people prefer to book a car as the beauty of the verdant that comes in the way of the travel is a million dollar experience.

What to Do?

Lake Adventure:

A visit to Cape Maclear can never be complete unless you have viewed the Malawian sunset. No matter you enjoy the sunset tinge from your lodge balcony or at the beach coast, ultimate gratification is guaranteed in each case. The lake over here has been one of the best for adventure activities being absolutely tranquil.

It has been awesome for the adrenaline boosting kayaking, rafting, and as well as for family boating activities. If you are a certified scuba diver, the place can be a treat for you. And, if you are not, there can’t be any better destination than this to be called a certified scuba diver.

Hiking, Cruising:

Hiking at Cape Maclear has always been special. It’s been fantastic for both the tyros and as well as the experts. Fret not about the tougher zones; you can always find a guide at Lake Malawi. The guides here are not just experienced professionals to inform you about the challenges; they are perfect entertainers to make the experience unforgettable.

The cruising experience here is equally enthralling as well; no matter you are up for a day light cruising or after sunset. For the foodies, the restaurants here can be absolutely delightful. Especially, the sandwiches and chips can take the appetite level to a new high.

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