Byron Bay Australia: The Major Tourist Destination in Australia

Byron Bay is the beachside town in Australia that is located in the north-eastern corner of New South Wales, Australia. This awesome place is located 772Km of the Pacific Highway from north of Sydney and 165Km south of Brisbane. The Coastal Town in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales is the easternmost point in Australia.

Why Must You Visit Byron Beach, At Least Once In Life?

All around the year, numbers of tourists from all over the world visit this holiday destination for reaping the enjoyments of beach surfing, scuba diving, whale glancing and the rural beauty which enthrals them a lot. Byron Bay is considered as one of the major tourist destination in Australia and tourists from international level as well as domestic region access this place. As per the records, this destination is accessed by 1.7million visitors every year.

Byron Bay is surrounded by bottlenose dolphin, whales, sea turtles and rays which define the beauty of nature. The admirers of the aquatic world would certainly feel excited over here. Apart from all these, the light house in the beach is the centre of attraction for the tourists.

How to Travel To Byron Beach in a Convenient Way?

The nearest airport to Byron Bay is Ballina which is 30 minutes away from Ballina. There are flights to Ballina from Sydney as well as Melbourne. If you need to travel Byron Bay, then you could book your flight tickets accordingly. If you intent to travel by bus, then you can find regular coach services from Sydney and Brisbane that travels Via Byron Bay.

Several other premier buses are taking a stop at Byron Bay Transit Centre. If you intend to ride to Byron Bay on the road, then it is a non-stop drive of 9hrs from Sydney, 2hrs from Brisbane and 1hrs from Gold Coast. You can even hire car on rentals from Gold Coast.

What All Activities Can Be Enjoyed Over Here?

The Byron Beach is significantly popular for surfing and is considered as one of the popular resort destination for both domestic and international tourists. The backpackers enjoy travelling along the Australian Coast. The tourists attracted for the scenery enjoy skydiving. This destination is also popular for its wildlife and aquatic world.

The visitors enjoy cycling, walking around the beach side. The controlled temperature and tropical water are awesomely suitable for scuba diving and snorkelling which the tourists enjoy. The tourists enjoy swimming in the summers and awesomely suitable for the kids even. Topless sunbath is common in Byron Beach.

The Speciality of Byron Beach!

There are several other events organized on the beach. The tourists enjoy the music festivals and cultural festivals arranged in the beach on specific dates. You can even arrange a beach party with your friends with the facilities of bars and restaurants.

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