Bottom Bay Barbados – an Ideal Beach Paradise for Memorable Holidays

Beautiful location full of natural wonders on the south coast and past the Crane Beach and Sam Lord’s Castle, Bottom Bay is a wide expansive beach with smooth rolling waves riding onto the shore. High coral cliffs that are providing it a panoramic view of the South Shore, it is a wonderful beach that looks complete by the presence of tall palm trees – adding to the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of the bay. Not to mention various homes on the top of the cliffs overlooking the beach and ocean. In addition to this, you will spot turtles and whales in the water below the rocks. If locals are to be considered, swimming or bathing in the ocean here is not a good way because waves are very strong and great care is required for those who are going to take a bath here.Bottom Bay Beach, Barbado2

Point of Attractions near Bottom Bay Barbados

There are a number of beautiful attractions and interesting points near Bottom Bay Barbados. Beautiful houses on cliff tops and various hotels and other accommodation options are also wonderful to see here. It is counted as the most impressive beach on the Island that is adding beauty to Parish of St Philip with Cave Bay, Sam Lord’s Castle and Crane Beach of the South and Palmetto Bay, East Point Lighthouse and Ragged Bay of the North. This beautiful location is bordered by rough jagged cliffs that is the perfect place for those seeking tranquility, picturesque beach, coconut palms sway in the soft breezes, soaring cliffs and intriguing caves, shimmering translucent turquoise waves roll gently onto the seashore and wide stretches of powder soft golden white sand.bottom-bay2

It is a perfect tropical paradise drawing attention of beach holiday lovers, honeymooners and romantic couples.Harrismith House and Sam Lord’s Castle are the main attraction here. What makes it a perfect place is the availability of hotels, car parking facilities on the cliff top and wonderful ocean view. It is also an ideal picnic venue and at the weekend; where you will sea beach chairs and umbrellas that you can get on rent. It is a paradise for those who are looking for beach and adventure spots altogether as Atlantic Ocean’s roaring waves and exciting swells regularly entice board wind and kite surfers.Bottom Bay Beach-Barbado

How to Reach Bottom Bay Barbados

Reaching there is accessible and easy by all modes of transportation. Details are here:

Barbado-travel-airportInternational Airport – Direct flights from the United States to the Island’s Grantley Adams International Airport are making it accessible by air.

Barbados-Spring-Garden-Highway2By Road – Shuttle transportation is provided by most of the hotels and resorts to and from airport. Renting a car is far easier for the duration of your visit here. You can also rent a car, but an international license is important for this. You can also apply for a temporary permit that will provide you comfort in navigating the roads on the left side of the street. Not to mention availability of cabs that are ideal to choose for traveling.

Best Time to Explore Bottom Bay Barbados

Bottom Bay Barbados is known for tropical weather conditions that is ideal and fairly typical of the Caribbean – almost perfect all year long with temperatures ranging between 88 Degrees F. Best time is from middle December to March and April.Bottom-Bay1

Accommodation Options at Bottom Bay Barbados

You will find the most luxurious accommodation options here like The Crane Beach Resort that is one of the most famous and popular options to accommodate. It is a first of its kind to be built in the Caribbean Style. You will also find some other places of accommodation like Turtle Bay Resort, Sliver Sand Resort and various others that are offering ideal options of accommodation.Bottom Bay Beach Barbado

Food and Cuisines

You will find multi-cuisine restaurants to food vendors offering you the real delicacies of the beautiful beach. Don’t miss to try Bajan Dish – the island’s National dish and most recognizable symbol that is very much preferred by locals. Sea food is always a popular option here.seefood

Choosing the right and affordable Bottom Bay holiday package is the right and ideal option to fulfill your requirement for memorable holidays and to make your tour wonderful. You have to choose the right one and place your order at the right travel agency.

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