Blue Lagoon and Beautiful Environment of Playa Es Pregons Gran

The verge of crystal clear water and yellow sand of Playa Es Pregons Gran of Spain welcomes you with its arms open into shores of extreme where nudity is a real talk.

The beach has issued a license to go naked and here there are no restrictions, you can just tap deep into water without any clothes on. Such is a culture of beach that it has become one of the most frequented sites where you have hospitality, freedom, essence of nature and adventure. The perfect location and short distance of the beach could be reached from resort town of Colonia Sant Jordi.

The coral reef within and shallow water is just turquoise and it would temp your heart to enjoy your vacation without thinking of anything else. Traveler can enjoy their advent in many ways either they can sit alone and lure the brilliance of beach or can go wild by putting a dive to understand how aquatic lives are doing within.

The virgin environment off course is striking but what’s more luring is its hospitality where traveler can just feel the vibe while sipping the coral of nature along with natural diets offered by Mother Nature.

Traveler can enjoy their moment while engaging their mind in beach activities or else can go for a long walk in search of solitude where you can strip your soul apart to appreciate its stands and glory. While walking alone keep your eyes open because some naked rush would interrupt your thought but that’s how things work here.

Location: Mallorca, Spain
Address: Plaza Moli de Sa Sal
Fully Nude? Yes

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