Beautiful Sights and Mesmerising Sounds at Malpe Beach, Udupi

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Indian beaches are popular all over the world because they offer plenty of entertaining activities for people coming from all age groups such as kids and adults. These beaches attract the attention of the kids because of the coming waves and the endless stretches of sand. But for adults, it is an escape route from daily work pressers and tensions of life.

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The Malpe beach of Udupi is known for providing the rest and peace for all the people who wants to capture some peaceful moments with the nature. Now let’s know some facts and features of this famous beach:

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General Idea Of The Beach:

This beach is a natural port that is situated just 6 kilometres away from Udupi, Karnataka. This beach is notably famous for its delightful and hypnotic golden brown sand and crystal clear blue waters.  

Beautiful Scenario Of The Beach:

Apart from its attractive colour of its sand and water, the scenario and the atmosphere of the beach is also make this beach perfect because it is lined up with palm trees and blue skies that is an added advantage.

Perfect For Family Vacation:

It is one of the best beaches in this world marked as favourite vacation spots. If you are on a vacation trip to south India then your vacation will be complete after visiting this beach and sleeping down on the beach sand and start enjoying every moment of the natural luxury provided by the nature itself.

Best Season To Visit:

The best time or season to visit this particular beach is between October to January.

Nice Food Courts:

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Malpe beach is known for its decent restaurants all around the beach. The food served in these restaurants is really delicious and tasty. The food items ranges from vegetarian to non-vegetarian including sea food.   This beach is also known for some world famous ayurvedic massage centres.

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