Beach of the Swedish Woman – The most beautiful in the world?

Playa de las Suecas, nestled within a warm ambiance of Contadora Island, Panama, it is a coast where nudity is a persona of people and without naked mild your journey would be incomplete. The beach shores its beauty to a Pacific coast and it is classified into a womb of Arquipelago De Las Perlas 1.

Although the sprawling area as compare to its parental source is small in nature but that does not stop traveler to join the stripped party where natives and traveler seems to enjoy the moment of lifetime. An environment in particular has a quintessential competence to meet the standard of traveler and surprisingly here exist a culture of gay liberation to support the bone of nudity.

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The culture of the beach contemplates the fact that say go big or go home and surprisingly it is the only beach in entire country where nudity has no limits and one can actually experience people revealing entire physical facade to join the cult of party.

The point of southwest where it lays its seed is getting popular and a custom bit extreme but exclusive in nature is earning worldwide fame but then you need to have a heart to expose everything that so far was covered under the line of natural rules.

Party and pristine is all you would experience but then you need to open up because that’s what it demands and that’s how you would come up to a brink of excitement.

Location: Contadora Island, Panama
Address: Arquipelago De Las Perlas 1
Fully Nude

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