Arashi Beach Aruba: The Most Photographic Location

Arashi Beach is one of the northernmost beaches in Aruba and is close to California Lighthouse. This Arashi Beach is widely popular around the world and is accessed by numerous of tourists.

Being located on the outskirts of quite a residential area it attracts the tourists who love peaceful surrounding. For better prompts, Arashi beach is on the north side of the Malmok Beach and the outskirt residential area in which it is located considered to be a lovely edge.
Arashi Beach Aruba

Why Visitors From All Around The World Visit This Place?

If you are a nature admirer, then you would love this destination for its calm and silent surrounding. The beauty and serenity of the place attract the tourists, and they get stunned with the sunset views and other surroundings.

If you are searching for a photographic location, then it is certain that you would fall in love with this place. Mostly this place is accessed by crazy divers and the people loving to take sunbath access here. If you enjoy swimming, then Arashi Beach is perfect for swimming and snorkelling. The powder soft sand with pebbles and stones would make you amazed.

The tourists over here enjoy discovering the underwater life. This destination is filled with plenty of tropical fish and sea turtle. The California lighthouse is another major attraction of this beach that is located at the north-western tip of Aruba.

How to Get Down At the Arashi Beach?

You can plan your trip from anywhere to Malmok because Arashi Beach is 10min distance by walk from Malmok. You need not get worried about parking your car because there is plenty of parking places. You can also travel by bus and be notified that Arashi Beach is the last stretch of the beaches next to Boca Catalina.

What Are The General Activities That The Tourists Remain Engaged With?

If you love swimming, then Arashi Beach Aruba is an ideal location for you, to fulfil your desires. The soft sandy bottom and calm surf would enthral you. You can also get yourself engaged in beach games like badminton, volley, or such other games. Scuba diving is one of the awesome activities in this place.

The divers explore the underwater world and enjoy the natural sites. The Arashi Beach in Aruba is an amazing destination for snorkelling lovers. The tourists loving water sports spare their valuable time for reaping the enjoyments.

Some Helpful Guidance!

You cannot find any restaurants or bars; you need to carry snacks, water, and other required things along with you before you get on the beach. There are countable thatched-roof beach huts which can be used for escaping the scorching sun, so you need to get early on the beach to secure your place. It is a better option to carry your own shade as there are limited huts on the beach.

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