An exclusive ecstasy of Uretiti Beach, New Zealand

Uretiti Beach is a renowned summer hub of local people and its popularity is not just modest with a thought of naturism but the brilliance of posture and its surreal water front has made it an oracle of New Zealand. Like other popular beach naturism is open here and during weekend and summer holidays it would be all about crowd and exposure with party and persona. Nudism is not mandatory that’s a good part and we would suggest traveler to be aware of some freaks who seems to annoy people by flashing off to strangers.

The beach activities in common includes surfing, swimming and fishing beside that traveler can take an initiative to for a long walk while walking the distance of sand dunes which are velvety soft and tranquil in nature. Swimming and angling in common is something that traveler should try besides trying sun bath and beach volleyball. The beach provides a service of camp and to book a camp at the bay of beach traveler would require paying a rent. To obtain privacy we would suggest traveler to rent it because freaks of nature could just boil it down.

During an eve of Christmas and New Year, the beach becomes a public place for everyone and exhibition of flesh becomes so normal that you would find hard times to keep yourself away from it.

Traveler can explore the Waipu caves of a beach by walking a handful distance or can just enjoy the tranquility by sitting at surface of shore that seems to remain calm and peaceful.

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