Akajima Okinawa Japan – An Amazing Beach to Explore

When it comes to visiting tourist destinations in Japan, most of the visitors or tourists prefer visiting at a natural beach. There is no doubt that visiting at a beach can help you rejuvenating yourself. You could be able to get rid of psychological stress caused by modern hectic lifestyle. But due the abundance of tourist destinations in Japan, many tourists or visitors get confused on recognizing a right place to visit. If you are also struggling with such a situation, you are suggested to explore the natural beauty of Akajima Okinawa Japan. It is among the most distinct beaches in Japan. Do you want to grab more information about this one of the most visited tourist spots in Japan? Do you want to know things to do while visiting at Akajima Okinawa? If your answer to above asked normal questions is yes, then you should keep reading it.33

Tourist Guide about Akajima Okinawa Japan

It is a part of famous Kerama Islands in Okinawa. It is a fact that Akajima islet is very famous among contemporary Japanese. However, it is famous among domestic tourists, but international tourists also like to visit here. If you want to spend great time in the lap of Mother Nature, you should not forget unveiling the beauty of this amazing tourist destination at Okinawa in Japan. This beach is situated at Akajima, which is a part of Kerama Islands. It is located only 24 miles far from famous Naha. Akajima Island or tourist destination is also called Aka. If you are looking for a day-trip, you are advised to look nowhere else but at this amazing beach. It is seen that usually tourists or visitors come to this amazing tourist spot from Okinawa and the other areas of Japan.Akajima Okinawa Japan

How to Explore the Natural Beauty of Akajima Beach

There is no doubt that your main motto behind visiting at this tourist spot is to explore the natural beauty. Now, the question arises here how you can explore the natural beauty of this amazing tourist destination in Japan. For this, you can choose a bicycle. There are tourists who love exploring the city by foot. It could really be a great experience if you decide to explore the beach on the go. Instead of using any sort of vehicle, unveiling the natural beauty of this beach in a natural way can help you rejuvenating yourself. So, if you are tired of your contemporary lifestyle, you need to take natural breath in the beautiful surroundings of this amazing beach.

Tourist Attractions at Akajima Okinawa in Japan

There could be various tourist attractions that simply attract everyone towards this beach. Apart from natural scenic beauty, this beach is also famous for sea life. Yes, if you have keen interest in knowing the marine life, you are advised to visit at this most visited tourist spot in Japan. Sea coast of this beach is home to varieties of corals and fish. It is found in research that corals available at this beach are second only to those corals available in the famous Great Barrier Reef in the country of Australia. It is certainly a great tourist option for both i.e. divers and amateur snorkelers. Whether you are a hardcore marine biologists or a simple tourist, you will surely find this beach an amazing tourist destination to explore.beachAkajima Okinawa Japan

If you want to witness the greatness of sea life near to Akajima beach at Okinawa in Japan, you need to visit at this amazing location. It is found that there are about 370 different natural fish species and about 1600 invertebrate species found at this beach. Moreover, there are about 230 species of seaweed at this arena. If you want to witness other attractions at this beach, you are advised to plan a summer trip. During summer, you can easily grab a chance to see hawksbill turtles, loggerheads and yes green turtles. This beach area is also famous as a breeding ground for natural humpback whales. So, if you want to witness the natural lifestyle of whales, you are advised to visit at this beach during the months of January to April.

Do you love watching birds? If yes, then you will surely find this natural beach a great option to go with. Akajima beach is also home to various species of birds such as golden silk orb-weaver spiders, butterflies, and many more.

Best Time to Visit Akajima Okinawa Japan

If you want to know the best time to visit at Akajima Beach, you should understand that it can be visited throughout the year. You may decide to enjoy a summer trip or visit at this location during spring season. It largely depends on your own vacation requirements when it comes to deciding to visit at this amazing beach at Okinawa. However, it is true that you can visit at this beach throughout the year, but still visiting here during the months of October to March is right.

How to Reach at Akajima Okinawa Japan

Whether you are a domestic or international visitor, you first want to know how you can reach at Akajima Okinawa Japan. Actually, this most visited local tourist destination in Japan is highly connected with the rest of country. You can easily find out all sorts of traveling options – from buses to railway routes. If you love adventure, you can easily find out ferries and boats to reach at this amazing beach to spend great in the lap of nature.

Which Is the Nearest Airport to Akajima Okinawa?

The nearest airport to this amazing beach is situated in the famous uninhabited islands called Fakuji. This airport is known as Kerama. However, it is the nearest airport to the tourist destination, but since 2009 there is no regular air service available at this airport. So, if you want to reach at Akajima beach, you are advised to unlock the benefits of boat and ferry traveling options.

How to Find Budget Hotels at Akajima Okinawa

When it comes to accommodation, there are various hotels, resorts and other staying options available to go with in and around Akajima beach area. Moreover, if you are looking for budget hotels in and around Akajima Okinawa Japan, you need to search online. There are various tour and travel agencies that can arrange budget hotels for you.

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