Affirmative of Meco Beach of Portugal – Praia do Meco Lake Shore Swimming Area

Undulating waves that flow consistently from onshore of North Atlantic Ocean offers suitable condition for traveler to enjoy an un-spoiled environment of beach. The Meco is southern hemisphere of Lisbon and to reach here you would require driving a distance from south of Lisbon.

The Meco beach is considered nude head office of Portugal and it has been following the custom since early days of 70’s and now the trend has gone even more viral and affirmative. Be a part of naked environment as it provides privacy and privilege to its traveler. Surfacing the beauty of coastal area we have convenient restaurants, bars and villas around to accommodate your desire. Family friendly environment is another eclectic feature of the beach beside that if you will walk the gorges you will find numerous tiny beaches where you can look to make love with your loved ones.


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Sensation of skin relief is followed by rush of adventure and we would suggest traveler to enjoy the course without wearing a clothes because when a cold waves of beach touches the texture of skin it would reveal and rejuvenate your skin. Some of the piles of adventure include surfing, boating etc and for normal traveler beach walk and sand shore walk are two of the most beautiful advent that you can look to engage your mind with.

To acknowledge its line of hospitality and exquisite environment it has been recognized by many awards from tourism industry and its continuous premium service are expected to get more in future.

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