Activities & Best Things to do in Singapore

Things to do in Singapore

Embark on to a beatific vacation and it is guaranteed that you would be having too much of a blast to miss home at all. Imagine making your way overland to Singapore…..a Southeast Asian city state……and a very diverse and young country as you seek out it’s riches combined with historic monuments, a thriving intellectual scene, fabulous restaurants , and most of all behind a bustling exterior, the greatest adventure land!

Interesting activities would include diving with sharks at Underwater World on Sentosa, mountain biking around Bukit Timah, leopard-spotting at Singapore Zoo’s magical Night Safari, water skiing or wakeboarding on the Kallang River, go-karting and rock climbing. If you want to get away from the hustle of the urbania, the centre of the island retains large tracts of forests where you can only hear the sound of the monkeys swinging through the trees.

Marina Bay Sands

Colourful resorts, traditional culture and tropical natural wonders.this exoticism is seasoned with all the spice you would expect from various hot regions! Although there are a few areas in Singapore that are untouched by modernisation, wandering the streets of Little India and Chinatown is a great way to see the old parts of this heritage city! Whether it is quaint cafes with delectable desserts to spend a quiet afternoon, bars with custom-made cocktails for an evening out with friends, leaving the children behind in the care of a custodian for a while, or kitschy boutiques that sell one-off creations by talented local designers, there is something for everyone and a surprise at every corner. Photo opportunities are also aplenty should you enjoy marvelling at elegantly-restored architecture from an era long ago or simply capturing the beauty of everyday life.

You may start with the dense urban green spaces, known as the Botanic Gardens providing instant relief from the roar of traffic, which suddenly melt into the branches of the flora…… and fauna enclosed within……..It’s immaculate and well designed areas segues into each other as every individuality is maintained with its own atmosphere, from the lazy serenity of the Swan Lake to the thick, beautiful greenery of the rainforest zone to the ancient Burkill Hall, a colonial plantation bungalow serving as an exhibition area and showcasing information on the different hybrids named after VIPs who have visited the garden, to the carefully pruned Bonsai and Orchid Gardens, where careful landscaping sits side by side with huge old trees that first poked their heads above the ground when Queen Victoria was surveying her Empire. You would love the locale of Halia….. set amidst the lush foliage of the Botanical Gardens with a birdsong soundtrack. It’s pretty hard to top for scenery. If you like your high tea in the garden, this is it, but it is not just good looks that entice foodies here. The traditional English tea makes the grade with open-faced smoked salmon and egg sandwiches, scones with ginger perfumed fresh cream, and a fine selection of choux pastry and cakes. Add to this the huge selection of teas, such as organic Darjeeling and Moroccan mint, and this place steps up. Cakes, organic Darjeeling and Moroccan mint tea……..Awesome!!!!

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