Absolute Seduction of Abricó Beach Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Since the law of naturism was passed in 2003 in Brazil an act of nudism have dominated the beach front of Abricó Beach, which is perfectly located at quintessential environment of Rio de Janeiro of Brazil.

Reviving the glory of naturism the beach seems to invite not just samba girls of locals but people from every corner of the world to enjoy their moment here at Abricó Beach. It is an official naturism beach where nudism is a trend but not a compulsion.

The gorgeous water front seems to have an edge of beauty and to enjoy its glory we would suggest traveler to perform some beach activities like beach volleyball, swimming, beach walking, sand walking, sun bathing etc.

With soft white sand that contrast with the color of its lagoon seems to be a blessing of god although nudism is not but hardly you can complain about it because it’s a trend that is been approved by the government and since an inception of new law it has gone more active and inviting. While coming here don’t forget to carry your essentials because you would need some gorgeous swim suits and tops to match the color of beach.

The beach is completely natural and to understand the same one would require coming here so come with your friends and family because you never when the trend is going to get stop so before it moves out of block be a first to set a trend in your own style.

Credit: flickr.com/Alex Dram
Credit: flickr.com/Alex Dram

We would be expecting to hear from travelers who have been here and there further inputs would definitely help us to write more about this fantastic beach.

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