9 Things Every Traveling Girl Needs

After you have booked your tickets and packed your bags for travelling, you usually come across imminent second thoughts as to assure that you did not miss out anything. Most of us feel like the world was ending, while we travel alone for we aren’t confident enough. These skirmish thoughts seem a lot bigger in your head, but soon settle down and leave you smiling for how dramatically you built them up at times. For this we bring to you tips on things every girl needs irrespective of youbeing a teenager or any working women, but this is what you just ought to have!
Not to mention, though, your wallet comes first! You can hardly think further without it.

    1. Must have kit: The must have kit is for sure, your abettor at times. You can keep it in your car or in your handbags. All small bottles of really helpful items like nail polish, stain remover, hair spray, pain reliever or a mini sewing kit can be a part of your must have kit. This is one amongst those that definitely helps you to feel prepared while you are on a tour.
    2. Amenities: You’ll praise yourself later if you find that you have been accompanying these essentials during that long hour journey. You are comfortable on a flight if you pack the right accessories so that you’re prepared beforehand. Trying to sleep in flight is not easy for most of us. Why not add an eye mask to the list of essentials you carry along with you? How can we forget earplugs that are your best friends while you travel? Especially the bright colored earplugs are always easy to find. You don’t have to worry to keep them safe as they come with a carrying case. Likewise, it is a wonder to see people travel without travel pillows. Same goes with the scarf and hats. Trip without sarongs and hats is hard to imagine.
    3. Toiletries pouch: A lady’s toiletries bag has meant the world to her since it contains all the necessary items like makeup products, hair care items, hand sanitizer, tampons etc. Simply make sure that your toiletries bag works best for your particular travel items. Some girls like to compartmentalize their bags into a small pouch so you can get things as per your requirement while some others like to keep everything together in the same spot.
    4. Perfume Bottle and Face Wipes: Perfume cheers you up when you feel down. It satiates your wanderlust. Carry small perfume bottles that you need in your bag. Let your bag smile and feel great just like you. For this you should carry along the Face cloth/Face Wipes so that you are never too far from your smiles.Must Read: 5 Fun Things to do in Darling Harbour


    5. Mini curling hair straightener and dryer: The hair dryers, curlers, straightener are a necessary for nobody likes bedraggled hair. For this you should carry a mini hair straightener, curler and dryer that saves your total suitcase space and you don’t fail to get your desired look. It works wonders for you, for you are dressed at your best in various festive.
    6. Travel map guide: That’s certainly a must! The advanced technology on your phone/tablet to find your way around has made it quite easier for you to travel miles. It is indeed a great choice because you can still use the maps offline if you do not have a Wi-Fi zone nearby your area.
    7. Power Bank: Considering the modern girl who uses her phone extremely on the go. You never know when you will need that extra battery time, maybe one during your selfies. It’s a good idea to have a portable power bank with you on the road. Based on your phone there is a lot of options to choose from. A bit of research online is better before you get the best option for your phone model.
    8. Lingerie bag: Separate your clean and dirty clothes with colorful laundry bags available in the market. Of course your “unmentionables” won’t take too much of the space. So you can fit them as per the available sizes. Likewise, you need one for all dirty clothes as well.
    9. Luggage Tags: It is indeed a wise idea to have separate tags for every luggage bag and attach them clearly. The snazzy luggage tags lets you skip that tumult by giving you another way to recognize your bag even in a crowd.
    10. Game To Play: Pack few games which you will love to play in your free time. Like some card games, video games, etc.

While you are on a trip make a habit of making a list and tick mark things you packed in your bag. This is what you should do while returning back from the trip.

Hope you are confident with this list of things every girl needs while travelling. Importantly, travelling has to be exciting, fascinating and incredibly exhilarating. See to it that you don’t fail to make one. Wish you Happy journey ahead!!
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