5 Ultimate Destinations for Coffee Lovers

Ultimate Destinations for Coffee Lovers

There’s only one division in the world that really means something, tea people vs coffee people. All jokes aside, experts do agree that coffee lovers are more of a temperament rather than beverage enthusiasts. For example, they’re more likely to be casual, excessive thrill seekers and are much more probable to act impulsively instead of thinking through every action. If you recognized a bit of yourself in this description, why not use your passion for coffee to discover an additional thing or two about your character. The easiest way to do so is through travel and here are the ultimate five destinations for coffee enthusiasts.

  1. Brazil : While today it is nearly impossible to precisely pinpoint the origin of coffee (most speculate its original home to be Ethiopia) it is beyond doubt, that for centuries now, Brazil is the world’s greatest supplier. This means, that no matter what you see on the label in the store, there is a great chance that when you buy a coffee it was packed in Brazil. The place you want to go to is Sao Paulo because of the amazing coffee shops like Sofá Café or Bio Barista.
  2. Hawaii : Because of its completely unique climate, Hawaii is the only state (apart from Puerto Rico which is a territory) within US capable of growing their own coffee plants. It really would be a shame for any true coffee lover not to visit this tropical paradise. Sure, a lot of other cities across the US (like Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon) brag in having a long coffee tradition, but if you aim to get it at the source, Hawaii is a must visit.Hawaii
  3. Australia : Another great coffee haven you definitely shouldn’t miss out on is Australia. This destination is renowned for their best coffee in Sydney CBD, but if you are on a business trip and don’t have enough time to visit them all, you can always order it from their Single O online store. This way, you can even take some of the amazing Australian coffee to your family members and friends back home.
  4. Vietnam : Apart from Brazil, Vietnam is the second largest coffee producer in the world. If you ever visit Hanoi, you will notice an interesting pattern. It is one of the places with the greatest coffee shop-to-inhabitant ratios meaning that you can virtually find one in every alley. Traditionally, coffee in Vietnam is served with sweetened condensed milk, which is yet another new thing you can hope to try out on this journey.
  5. Turkey : Even though it cannot measure up to Brazil and Vietnam when it comes to coffee production, everyone in Europe knows about the Turkish coffee. The main traits of the Turkish coffee are that it’s incredibly strong, completely black and as sweet as it gets. In other words, optimal enhancer for your morning routine.

While globalization allows us to purchase the delicacies of lands far away in your local store, it is never the same as tasting fresh coffee made according to the regional brewing methods. Sure, there are many other great places for you to visit on this quest, but any of the five abovementioned is a great idea for your first trip.

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