5 Reasons to visit Ladakh

Mouth become big but, the words become lesser; eyes become big but, the time seems lesser”. These are the common feelings which evolve within every tourist when they visit to the crown of India, Ladakh. It’s a place of extremes to extremes, from large harsh mountains, to deep horrifying valleys, from freezing temperature in environment to the warm hospitality from locals. All this description is pretty less in terms of delight you could get here.Leh Ladakh Tour-Packages
In the bunch of so many, here are top 5 reasons why everyone should visit Ladakh once in a lifetime.

Connect to Scenic BeautyScenic Beauty Ladakh

In the age of Social networking sites, everyone just seems to be popular within its gang. One want to have beautiful clicks which get round of applause from everyone. Then what you are waiting for? Nothing could be a better place than Ladakh, where in one single click you would get the spectrum of every colour from red, orange, brown, green, and grey to large crystal blue water bodies. Full of snow clad mountains, lush green patches of vegetation, and valleys of meandering streams make it the perfect picturesque spot.

Vibrant Reigning FestivalsVibrant Reigning Festivals Ladakh

Ladakh is not only a barren land covered with natural beauties, it has inhabitant rich in culture. Basically, Ladakh is influenced by Tibetan culture which is full of colourful festivals. Visitors need to plan specific time to visit here, so they could witness any of the festival like Losar, Kalachakra, Dosmoche Hemis, Naro Nasjal, and Tak. These festivals are vibrant, delightful; also one could collect positive vibes from traditional monasteries like Hemis, Thiksey or Spituk.

Treat to tongue

I am sure the traditional delicacies you get here, must be a known one for you but, the taste it offers is ultimate. Momos, a very well-known dish in every corner of India, is traditional dish of Ladakh. The spicy momos here are the delicious one you could ever have. Other famous dish is Thukpa (soup and noodles); applicable to serve you the best comfort with taste. Certainly, it would be treat to the senses to taste the hot yak butter tea in freezing temperature.

Adventurous TrekkingAdventurous Trekking Ladakh

Ladakh is quite popular for its trek routes. Exciting, thrilling and enjoyful it would be to go for trekking here. Trekking here could be a strenuous task to the top most peaks of the country for experienced trekkers as well. Those who are non trekkers but aspirant of getting the view of majestic Himalaya region to high points could take easy routes like Markha Valley trek. Experts could take up the challenge and travel through Nubra valley and Zanskar valley.

Drive Through snake roadsKhardunglas

A bike or car or a jeep, anything you pick, diving here will be not easy but could be the most exhilarating. Driving through on the highest motor able pass khardunga La, to the Nubra valley, will test your skills intelligence and endurance.

You can never understand the thrill and joy you could get here by reading through words. Experience it by yourself and book your Leh Ladakh tour packages now.

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