5 Must-Dos at Manly Beach

Winter Manly Beach Sydney Australia Sunrise
Winter Manly Beach Sydney Australia Sunrise

Manly Beach is one of Sydney’s most popular beaches. It is located on its Northern Beaches and with its relaxed atmosphere, it makes the perfect getaway from the busy city life. Manly Beach used to be just another boring beach you would rather just drive by on your way to somewhere better, but recently it has bloomed into a real summer vacation treasure within easy reach of Sydney. The variety of activities you can enjoy at Manly Beach makes it perfect for people of all generations. However, there are a few things everyone must do when at Manly Beach.

Start your day Manly

Manly has become the place to go for all foodies looking to give their taste buds a treat while also giving their eyes a treat. There are many great little restaurants in Manly where you can enjoy a good meal but the real appeal of eating there is the experience you get. You are not only eating a tasty meal, you are also enjoying the beautiful view and the seaside air. You should really start your day right by getting up early and going on a Manly breakfast, there is no better start for your day. Order your favorite breakfast and coffee, sit by the sea, and soak it all in.

Have a Manly walkpexels-photo

After you have had your Manly breakfast and enjoyed a cup of coffee watching the morning sun, you should take a walk along Manly Beach. The beach is three kilometers long and represents the place where beautiful soft sand meets the ocean’s slow waves. Walking along the beach will give you the opportunity to listen to the waves, feel the sand under your feet, and peacefully contemplate surrounded by some of the most scenic views you can imagine. Walk down the beach, find a place to put your beach towel down, and relax a little.

Sunbathing, do it Manly

You are at a beach, after all, sunbathing is a must! After your walk along the shore, you can find a nice spot and lay down to enjoy some rays by the ocean. There are many vendors along the beach who rent chairs and sun umbrellas, so you don’t need to take anything with you. Relaxing on the beach is a popular way of spending time here, but the beach is spacious enough for all the sunbathers to be able to stretch out comfortably. Sunbathing can get a bit too hot, so don’t miss out on taking a dip in the clear water to cool off.

Manly surfingpexels-photo-29933

Australia is the place to go surfing and Manly is known as the Surf City. You can’t visit Manly Beach and not go surfing! If you are an experienced surfer, you don’t need any more advice, just do it. The waves on this beach are perfect for surfing, but there are enough coast shelters where even beginners can ride the waves safely. If you are not a skilled surfer or if you have never surfed before, the Surf City is the best place for you to conquer this skill. Find a surf school on the beach and get in on the action.

End your day Manly

After a great day enjoying all that Manly Beach has to offer, it is time to end the day with a few drinks at one of the bars with the best view, Manly view. During the day, Manly is the Surf City, but at night, it turns into a party capital. Pick a bar you like and spend the rest of your evening in good company having some drinks and some laughs, and end your day as nice as you started it.

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