14 Amazing Ways To Boost Up Your Team Morale And Engagement Level At Ease

14 Amazing Ways To Boost Up Your Team Morale And Engagement Level At Ease
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As workplace undergoes many kinds of dramatic transformations, leaders must learn and manage the entire situation in a different way. To lift up morale and engagement level within organization leaders have to be flexible and innovative as much as they can be. So do your employees drag themselves into work? Is your office laughter a vague memory? Then your employee morale and engagement does need a boost. Lower morale and engagement can lead your organization with increased turnover, hindering your business and employees from reaching their goals. Since employee morale can quickly build or stop your business from reaching its success, effective leaders do keep an eye on it enlisting simple and creative approaches of strengthening it.

According to a research study conducted by the State of American Workplace Report, 70% of the employees begin to feel disenchanted at the work place, followed by the lack of engagement is today costing businesses with $550 billion a year. Even if offering larger perks is not in the budget then there are a lot many things every business can do in order to turn the collective company frown upside down. Given here are a few tactics to think about adapting your business.

Seeking the needs of your employees: According to a study conducted on understanding the behaviours of your employee, it states that every employee has their own set of needs and wants depending on their age and tenure in the company are. It also states that for any organizations CEO, Manager, Team lead and manager making sure that they listen to the suggestion of their employees. It is also important for them to seek out their employee needs finding out how they can go ahead and satisfy them. There has to be some work life balance so that the employees enjoy their work and stay with company they have been so far.

Being clear and transparent: Employees need to feel as though they have been discussing things with their bosses, even if it has something negative. If your employees are not aware of the organizational news, team shakeups and how they need to operate then don’t show it to them when they are moving in a wrong direction. Be clear and transparent enough with what you are or have been expecting from them.

Having a daily hurdle: When people are down, keeping quiet and things just with you will continue to make things worse. Having a small meeting organized within your team sharing actions and progress will help you make things better. Do this through a daily standing hurdle. This creates a natural short of energy and this is better for you than your doughnuts and coffee.

Creating a sense of community: Offices are not school rooms, and so chatting is not any crime. Find out different ways where you can add more natural light to your office. Have your furniture changed. Modernize your office décor by having investments made in glass office desks and ergonomic chairs. Have some trendy art work on the walls. If people feel they are in a fish bowl then have the privacy increased. And in case they find cubicles to be more confining enough have some open space created. If your office looks good then the employees will also begin to feel good.

Switching up with the schedule: When people are in a rut, you will here have to break up with the routine. Let them have a fresh start on a Monday morning so that they can clear up all their personal stuff from the weekend, coming in focussed ready to turn the things around.

Take one for the team: Figure out which is the biggest stress point that your employees are facing, and then try taking the problem to yourself and get it solved. Is it the detailed monotony of filling out the time sheets? Is it some kind of a nasty client you don’t want to deal with? Take on the problem with yourself, for your team, and the morale will continue to go up.

Turning it into a great opportunity: When there is something that goes unplanned and generally happens 9 times out of 10, it is best to remind everyone that things are ok and no one is too blamed. Employees and partners generally feel like they are responsible enough especially for things that are out of control. Use this as an opportunity to regroup and reaffirm that you will have to fail in order to succeed. It’s a part of a cycle that every businesses follow in order to succeed.

Show your appreciation: There are many ways you can show the employees of your organization an appreciation. When your employees perform well they do begin to expect some sort of recognition in return of their hard work. If you have an employee or say multiple employees do a better job at the work place make sure their performance is recognized. Never wait until their annual review to just let them know that you appreciate them. Some of the few ways you can show appreciation to your clients is:

  • Offering them with gift card
  • Taking them out for a lunch
  • Providing them with some small bonuses
  • Getting them an extra paid off

You can also give your employees a card that says thank you. Though it is of a low cost but is still one of the most effective ways of letting your employees know, that you appreciate their hard work they have put in order to for meet the needs and requirements of your company.

An open door policy for the employees of your organization: Having an open door policy for the employees of your organization, is another best ways of boosting employee morale and engagement. Having an active communication with your clients, notifying them about every changes, giving them the opportunity of expressing themselves. When your employees feel like they are in the dark, they may not feel as though their job is going stable, and may not continue work hard as hard they had been doing before to improve their businesses.

Celebrating work anniversaries: Work anniversaries are generally the relationship milestones between an employee and a company. According to a survey conducted by Globoforce, 82% of the individuals feel good and noticed when their work anniversaries are recognized and 36% feel that their work anniversaries make them feel valued. So have a best conversation with your staff about one of the best ways they could honour your work anniversaries. Also ensure that you celebrate your company birthday. This is one opportunity to reconnect your mission with some good feelings.

Training employees to develop some kind of positive attitudes: During the recession period in 2009 employee morale and engagement turned out to be a big issue for Imprint. Imprint is an organization who deal with customized promotional products located in Oshkosh, Wis. The organization then decided to boost up their engagement and morale level by setting up classes for them, in order to watch and discuss videos with inspiring themes like Lance Armstrong comeback from cancer and a friendly culture at southwest airlines.

Bringing your family to work day: Family is one of the most important aspects of our life. Opening the doors to your spouse, children, parents, siblings help in connecting to both the professional and personal worlds. In turn the families begin to feel proud on seeing the work of the employees garnering appreciation and a shared sense of connection.

Themed potlucks: This is the most favourite morale for most employees even today. At the very first job we turned to have serious and lengthy meeting discussing on how they can get things improved here. This turned a meeting we all are dreaded into a meeting we liked.  You don’t have to have potlucks during a meeting, instead you can host a makeshift tailgate or a yearly BBQ.  Doing so will here socialize all the employees of your organization to have fun at work, making them happier and be there for a longer period of time. And since each and every one of them will bring their own dishes, the cost will turn out to be minimal to your own company.

Games, Games and Just Games: Yes you can have a team building day in your office, featuring various breakers and skill driven activities. And there are some fun definitely out here. Why not have a day or just half day of playing fun games that employees will love to enjoy. Remember that your employees need a break and perhaps connecting with four or operation in the breakroom is what the doctor ordered.

To conclude these are some amazing tips that the CEO’s, Managers, and the team leads can do in order to boost up their employees engagement and morale. Working in order to enhance your employee morale and engagement will here also help the employees improve their productivity. It can go beyond their call of duty making an extra effort of reaching out their goals. When you boost up your employees morale will here help your family to reach at greater heights and succeed with every business activity they are doing.

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